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          Choosing a DJ          

Your investment in the entertainment and coordination is crucial.  Getting a good deal from a friend is one thing, but when you get a quote that sounds Too Good To Be True, you could be getting most anything that might possibly ruin your event. Remember, the music will be one of the most important components of your party and after all the hours and expenses of planning, success will come down to how well your DJ has done her job.  So be careful, and choose wisely.  If good memories and a marvelous time is what you are looking for then hire the best DJ you can afford!  Here are some things to consider:

1)  Are you working with an agency or with the DJ directly? 

With Silver-Creek, Jamie Hogan is the DJ/Instructor

2)  Does the DJ use a contract? 

Silver-Creek confirms your event in writing.

3)  Does the DJ own or rent the equipment, and is it professional equipment?

Silver-Creek owns and uses state-of-the-art, professional sound equipment that provides optimum sound in any environment, indoors or out.

4)  Does the DJ have back-up equipment at your event?

We always bring back-up equipment to insure the show goes on!

5)  Are requests welcomed and encouraged? 

Jamie works with you prior to the event on music preferences you might have and welcomes requests from the guests.  Her music library is cataloged and indexed by Title, Artist and Year and is brought to every event and made available to the guests. Jamie carries a wide variety of music covering most styles of danceable music, spanning the Big Band Swing era, right up through the latest dance hits of today. This enables her to cover almost any requests from your guests. Jamie is also very intuitive about how the party is going and can read the crowd to determine music and dance patterns.

6)  How is the DJ’s etiquette and attitude?

Jamie is very flexible and willing to do whatever is necessary to insure the success of the event.  She will act as the Master of Ceremonies, just play background music, teach dances – whatever works!

7)  What is the experience level of the DJ you want to hire?

Jamie has been teaching dance to large and small groups for over 20 years and has been DJing since 1992.

8.) What about references?

Jamie always makes current references available. This way you can talk to the people who have recently hired her services and get an unbiased opinion. 

9.) Previewing live performances?

If possible, try to see what you will be getting for your hard earned dollar. You are always invited to see Jamie in action at any of her scheduled events. Please contact us to make arrangements.

These are all qualities to look for when choosing your DJ. A successful party is the result of many details coming together. Let us manage your entertainment so you can relax and enjoy the party!

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